Betting: bwin bonus

If you have not yet registered with bwin example, you could save there bonus money.Example: The bookmakers bwin currently offers 100% bonus up to € 30
• Take a deposit prior to their newly opened betting account with the amount of your choice, as an example: 30 €.
• The provider doubled this amount (that is, 100% bonus), gives you say 30 € to. (You pay € 10, you will receive € 10. At € 100, it remains at 30 €, because the maximum height is limited to 30 €)
• My bets is now 60 € and you can use this amount as usual for real money bets

Of course, the bookmakers would not you pay the money immediately. There should be an incentive to bet, so you get to know the betting office once. Before you can cash out the free money that is, it must be one or more times translated into betting.Such relaying condition could be:”The amount deposited must be three (3x) to give a minimum ratio of 1.5 to one or more sports bets before demanding a payout once (1x), the resulting bonus before the money can be paid.”

That means if that you have paid 30 €, so you have to get € 30 Betting Bonus. 1x and 3x implement implement a total of 4 times are you now need to place a total of 4 x 30 € = 120 € deposit before you can withdraw the bonus money. So that means you have to “unlock” the only bonus. The odds for the bets must always be at least 1.5. Should you bet on a game that is at odds of 1.2, this does not count.An example would be:

• € 15 at odds of 1.6 to Bavaria
• € 20 to Real Madrid with the rate 1.5
• € 60 at odds of 1.5 with Chelsea
• € 30 at Barcelona with the ratio 1.7

So now they had used 125 €, the rate was always at least 1.5.Thus, the conditions of the bonus bet worth at least € 120 are met.

Betting vouchers for 2013 / free bets

BetVictor: you can get to BetVictor their first bet stake again as a bonus up to € 100. Bet € 50, get € 50 free (maximum 100 €). Example:Those who complete an initial bet with the minimum ratio 1.5, the total bet of up to € 100 (without conditions) gets lost. Useful, for example, to place a risky bet.Vouchers from sports betting, there are basically two ways. Firstly bookmakers give to certain events to your customers a small amount you can redeem using promo code on your sports betting account.

Previously they found such coupons even in magazines or newspapers. For example, it is possible to come birthday via email to free money. The greater the number of bookmakers in which you are registered, the greater the chance is to get this little “birthday present.” Generally there is no specific bookmaker for such actions, which also depends on getting along with the various promotional periods, and which from.

Known bookmaker who, from time to time to their customers a little treat others Bet-at-Home, Jaxx, Bet365. Rarely, Bwin, provided you stand there quite thick in the Cretaceous. Bwin offers it always a great birthday bonus.Of course, the vouchers will be sent not only for birthdays, but also on other occasions. At Bet365 it is normal to pay 25 euro free bet credit in the form of a voucher gets, if you large sums of money in a short time there, converts (at least four digits).

Other ways how one might find a coupon code in their email mailbox are customer acquisition, image reasons or just promotion for the bookmaker, increase the level of awareness.Another option is to buy these vouchers with the bookmakers to give them away. The amount of the voucher is in acquiring the bookies arbitrary. In most cases, if you are interested, the customer will be contacted and a request for a gift certificate will be provided.

Few bookmakers offer this option directly on their website.Every now and then will be offered and special cash back offers, get where customers in the event of loss or reimbursed in a particular by the bookmaker occurring case, the use of up to a certain height. Especially the betting exchange Betfair is often quite interesting conditions at.

Soccer betting tips and predictions Bundesliga

Football offers in relation to the sports betting the greatest variety and probably the greatest stress. Almost 80% of the total volume of betting on football matches will be implemented worldwide. Excluded from these statistics are horse and dog racing. With over 20 sports and countless political and entertainment events, this represents the bookies represents an incredible percentage.

This clearly shows that soccer is the undisputed number 1 in the entire sports world. This also means that for this sport, most bets are offered. There are not only not only special and additional bets, but also football matches from countries that do you not even know.In the major European football, nations can submit tips to down in the lowest amateur classes. In Germany, there is no problem, for example, on the sixth Typing League. In England, the whole thing is still a level of extreme.It is easy. Demand determines the supply. It is no different in sports betting.

The most popular sport here has the largest position and no other sport can come close only in the beginning. Even in the U.S., where the football behind American football, baseball, basketball and hockey plays only a minor role, it is on the rise. David Beckham is just one example that you can try all means to make the sport bigger and from the limited role equal footing with the big, four sports.

What is Click2Pay?

Click2Pay is a pay method, in which one to open an account to make a transfer of money to the account using a credit card (3% fee), a PayPal online payment or direct debit. Then you may select one of the bookmakers with Click2Pay and then selecting this payment method, and enter the deposit amount. You will be forwarded automatically to Click2Pay and has to register there and confirm the payment. Here are the betting providers, where you have the option to pay with Click2Pay:

• bet365: Without fee deposit, minimum deposit of 40 Euro processing immediately
• bwin: Without charge for the making the top bookie, minimum deposit € 10, maximum of 1,000 euros, processing immediately
• Sportinbet: Without fee deposit, minimum deposit € 10, processing immediately
• Betway: Without fee deposit, minimum deposit € 15, maximum € 30,000, processing immediately
• Gamebookers:: Without making, processing immediately